Youth Oriented Community Arts Project

The idea here is still in its infancy. A vision waiting for a community member to pick it up and make it into a reality.

What is that vision? 

An open(ish) space for local youth to engage with, work from, develop and socialise  along the way, with the focus being on creative art space.

Where will it take place?

The Stables building in Richmond

What will the volunteer role include?

The leader of this project will need to be able to develop a model plan, a budget, program guidelines and required policies (All under our guidance of course!). The program will work along side other programs sharing the space and so will need to be both inclusive and flexible.

Key benefits for taking this volunteer role: Great experience in project managing, work withing an inclusive, community minded workplace, develop your interpersonal skills as well as gain experience in community development. 

Talk to us if you’re interested to know more about the role and what we hope to achieve from this program.

Call 9428 9901 or email us