Food Donation

RCLC is still accepting food donations.  If you’ve got any non-perishables lying around that you’d hate to see go to waste, please keep them safe so you can drop them off to Studio 1 Community Hub, drop off times and days below.

Studio 1 Community Hub accepts donations on:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 9 am – 1 pm


The food centre can use any food that is shelf stable, in date and sealed. However there are some items that are especially useful and in demand. Items below are ones that can always be used at the Food Centre. Ones in bold below are particularly useful during this time:

  • Pasta- all types
  • Noodles- Regular, 2 minute and cup noodles
  • Rice- all types- dried and pouches of cooked rice
  • Beans & lentils- canned or dried
  • Vegetables- Canned (peas and sweetcorn are especially welcome)
  • Soup- Tins, packets and ‘cup-a-soup’ all flavours
  • Pasta sauce- all types in jars, cans of meat based pasta sauce especially welcome
  • Canned tomatoes and passata- all kinds
  • Milk- UHT- all types and sizes
  • Breakfast cereal- all types (sachets of flavoured instant porridge especially welcome)
  • Biscuits- sweet or savoury
  • Canned beans/spaghetti in tomato sauce
  • Canned tuna/salmon all types and sizes
  • Meals in a can- Cans of meat stew/casserole etc. There is a high demand for this especially for those with limited cooking facilities or those that are homeless.
  • Jam, Honey, Marmalade-all types
  • Toothpaste- full sized tube or travel size. (we are always short of toothpaste)
  • Deodorant- Roll on or spray, any type


RCLC will be doing regular drops of and donated food/goods as soon as lockdown lifts. Thanks so much for helping your neighbours and community!

We know it’s often a tough call to provide a little extra in times like these, so if you’re in a little support yourself head on over to the Community Church’s website  to learn more about what they can offer you and your loved ones.