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Richmond Community Learning Centre depends on volunteers for the effective running of the centre. We seek community-minded volunteers who care about people from all ages, backgrounds and life circumstances. If this is you and you have the skills and interest to contribute to RCLC according to our mission and purpose then contact us.

Currently, we’re looking for volunteers for specific roles – but if you’d like to offer help in another area, be sure to give us a call or  complete our volunteer Interest Form so that we can keep you on file for any future opportunities that may arise throughout the year

Volunteer Positions Available:

Cheeky Chook Crew
Volunteer Role
A weekly commitment of 15 minutes. Some examples of Chook Crew duties include making sure there’s fresh water, enough food and some food scraps, cleaning the shed, letting the chooks out to roam in the morning and making sure they are all back in the shed in the evening. Oh…and collecting lovely fresh eggs which the Chook Crew get to keep
Richmond Repair Corner
Volunteer Role
Help our monthly repair sessions by joining as a volunteer fixer or host. We are currently looking for someone who can lead, engage and support the repair crew and our monthly repair sessions as the group's coordinator.
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Burnley Fruit Squad
Volunteer Role
Join the squad as a fruit picker or register your fruit tree. The Burnley Fruit Squad will haverst fruit from trees around Richmond and distribute them. We're also looking to for a volutneer to assume the coordinator role for the Burnley Fruit Squad – be in charge of communication within the group, linking our harvesters with tree owners, manage the harvest roster and maintain data on successful harvests.
Gardening Together
Volunteer Role
Join this small, volunteer led, group who tend the garden area at Burnley Backyard (in the chook corner). A nice opportunity for locals who have no garden space of their own to get some dirt under their fingernails.
Facilitation of a workshop/program
Volunteer Role
We are always looking for facilitators who are interested in developing and running community workshops/programs. Contact us if you have an idea you would like to discuss.
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Events Assistant
Volunteer Role
Assist and support with a variety of tasks including the arranging and delivering of events, promoting and marketing events within budget limits, assist with the setting up of events, apply OH&S to situations, use computer systems to follow project goals and tasks, and communicate to build positive relationships with stakeholders.
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Or contact Oren on:  9428 9901 or email


Overall Centre Management

Our dedicated volunteers Pauline and Merril

Our dedicated volunteers Pauline and Merril along side City of Yarra Mayor Cr Phillip Vlahogiannis and Cr Jackie Fristacky

Committee of Management members: vacancies on our COM are available for people to join this community-focused team that oversees the Operations for both The Cubby House and Burnley Backyard.  For further information or to chat, please contact us.

The Cubby House volunteer team: If you are the parent of a youngster, interested or studying early learning, looking for babysitting work, or simply a local keen to help out at the centre please get in touch with us. 

Burnley Backyard is a partnership with the Richmond Community Garden Group who are managing the rental plots.  You don’t have to rent a plot to get your hands dirty though.  There will also be plenty of opportunities to plant, sow and harvest in the communal garden spaces, so if you would like more information about gardening activities at the Backyard, contact us.