Qigong – Between Heaven and Earth – Online


Qigong – An Introductory Course – Online during lockdown, twice daily on Instagram


Time: 8am & 12pm daily during lockdown

Where: Instagram but will return to Studio 1 Community Hub (15 Barnet Way, Richmond 3121) once restrictions allow.

Cost: Currently drop in classes are provided free of charge.

*We’re welcoming back our Qigong class after suspension due to Covid-19. Join us for the remaining 3 classes on Tuesday mornings. First-timers and experienced practioners welcome!*

About the class:

Qigong is an ancient movement art with the key aim of increasing qi or life force energy in your body. Qigong combines breath, mindfulness and flowing postures to balance, harmonise and heal the body and mind.

This morning course is called Between Heaven and Earth.

You will work on your balance and strengthen, move, rotate and stretch all parts of the body to build physical and mental balance and strength.

The movements in Between Heaven and Earth are physically very simple, but energetically very powerful. Using breath, flowing movements and stretches we will work with the Extraordinary meridians to begin to activate our centre, expand our energy and stay connected to Earth.

If you too would like to improve your energy, balance your body and mind, release tension and relax your muscles, then this course is a great place to start.


What do I wear?

These classes are accessible to everyone.  Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.


What do I need to bring to yoga?

A yoga mat.


About the teacher:

Emma is an experienced teacher of over 16 years with the drive to inspire and educate others in the transformative benefits of Qigong.

Emma has taught dance, movement and physical education to school aged children over many years as well as creating and presenting educational content across learning areas such as Social and Emotional Learning and Spiritual Development.

As a lifelong learner Emma’s exploration of fitness, self care and movement brought her to the life enhancing practice of Qigong. This moving meditation has brought Emma restful sleep, energy filled days and sharp focus. She has become more relaxed and balanced in her breath, mind and body. Using her Qigong Instructor Certification from the Long White Cloud academy Emma is committed to increasing awareness of the effects and life-altering benefits of the ancient wisdom of Qigong. She aspires to help those of us who feel overworked, burnt out and time poor to disconnect from modern pressures and find balance within.



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