The Creative Hour Sessions

The Creative Hour provides an opportunity to carve out some dedicated time in your week to focus on making or creating. You can dive into an existing creative project or start something entirely new. Whatever inspires you the most. Over the 4-week series, there’s the option to work with a goal in mind to complete the project, or alternatively just see where the weekly commitment to the hour takes you. At the end of the 4 weeks, the option is available to all participants to add and showcase their work in our VIRTUAL TIME CAPSULE, but there is absolutely no requirement to share.

The sessions will be run without feedback, and there is no pressure to share work at any point. Participants are welcome to sign in 10 minutes before the beginning of the hour to touch base and share what they’re working on, how their creative process is going etc., and at the beginning of the hour, discussion will cease and creating will begin for the entire hour. If you’re working with a partner/collective, you’re welcome to head to a breakout room for group discussion.

About the facilitator: The sessions will be facilitated by writer and RCLC Staff Member, Laura Bray who has found maintaining her creative discipline and drive challenging during the pandemic. She has realised that writing in a group of people, even over zoom, has helped immensely and is excited to share this with the RCLC community.


Beginning Sunday, October 10th running weekly for four weeks via Zoom.

4 pm – 5 pm


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Please note: these are not classes or educational in the sense that there will be technique advice or training, but purely to work and be creative amongst a collective and an excellent opportunity to keep making if you’re finding the solo creative life challenging.