Spanish for Travellers


This course aims to set you on track to get the most out of your travelling experience whether you are going to Spain or Latin America. Also suitable for people interested in learning some basics of a new language as a hobby.

About the teacher, Liliana Cisneros:

Liliana is a passionate Spanish teacher with 10 years of experience teaching the language in different countries and environments, from Mexico (where she is from), through Madrid and Cambridge in Europe, to Melbourne where she taught children and adults alike. Her teaching style focuses on developing communication skills and gaining confidence, which she believes is key in any learning process.

Course content: 6 sessions x 75 minutes each session

  1. Where did I put my passport? – (Basic traveling vocabulary)
  2. How do I get there? – (Asking for directions)
  3. Shall we order Paella? – (Ordering food)
  4. What a bargain! – (Shopping)
  5. What if I get sick? – (Going to the doctor)
  6. Catch that thief! – (Talking to the police, if you have to)

When: Mondays, 6.15pm to 7.3pm from 20th April 2020 to 25th May (6 Sessions)
Where: The Radio Room at Studio 1 Community Hub (15 Barnet Way, Richmond 3121)
Cost: $115



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