Beginners Guide to Urban Farming – Online

Cultivate abundance where you live, gain the skills and knowledge to grow beautiful and fruitful gardens.

About this event

Running for the 3rd year in a row, our great Intro to Permaculture course will run again in term 4, 2021

About this course

This is an online course delivered over 7 weeks with hard copy reading material, weekly live online instructional and discussion, videos, links to further learning and group chat.

Learning can be applied with minimal budget, in a rental property, lawn, balcony, small back yard, front yard, courtyard and is suited to anyone that would like to grow the food they eat, lighten their footprint, food print and live more regeneratively.


A 7-week course to be delivered via live online sessions, specially recorded videos, handouts and ongoing support from the course facilitator.

Live sessions will run on Sundays, from 17th October to 28th of November, starting at 2pm and running for about an hour via Zoom

Course Overview

Week 1) Planning and Planting:

Making a wicking pot, starting seedlings, container gardening, introduction to permaculture, show me your space.

Week 2) Soil, More Than Dirt:

What soil do you have? Balls and Ribbons test, making biochar, trench composting, soil carbon, hugelkultur, soil food web, fungi.

Week 3) Don’t Waste Your Waste:

Composting, worm farming, bees wax wraps, weed tea, why weeds?

Week 4) Grow Food Not Lawns:

Strawbale gardens, hidden hugelkulture, no dig gardens, bee scaping, food scaping.

Week 5) Food Forest Design:

Creating a guild, plant companions, abundant polycultures, the three sisters, the 5 cousins, building soil, maximizing space, increasing vigor and yield.

Week 6) Feeding the soil and What’s Bugging You?

Biointensive care, biological control, organic control of common problems and pests, chop and drop, looking after our insect friends.

Week 7) Obtain a Yield, Share the Harvest:

Seed saving, cuttings, produce sharing, seed sharing, making community connections.

Potential Pathways

Pathways include further study in permaculture design, urban agriculture and land management (environmental regeneration). Other potential pathways are volunteer and work opportunities in community gardens and community enterprises.


Full Price: $77, Concession $57(ACFE Tuition Fee: $25, Amenities: $32/$52)

If the booking widget is not working on your device, head here to book a place in the course:

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9428 990115

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