Spaces for Hire

Across our venues we have implemented new protocols to ensure everyone stays safe and that we can stay open. We recognise that we must work together to ensure the health and safety of everyone. You can read our Covid Safe Venue, which sets out the protocols all hirers will be responsible for and that ensures your activity/event complies with current Health Directives here.

All hirers will also have to accept responsibility for a Covid Safe plan during your activity or event so that you comply with current Health Directives. The Covid Safe Terms and Conditions will reflect up to date restrictions and protocols as required by the Victorian government, these will change as restrictions change.

We ask you to read the Covid Safe Terms and Conditions and sign an agreement that you and your guests/participants will agree to all current restrictions and practices. A link to the the Covid Safe agreement will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed.

We also ask you to read the usual Terms and Conditions that come with any hire of an RCLC Venue hire.

If your hire is impacted by a lockdown, you can receive a full refund or a credit to move your booking to another date.


Room ratios are as follows:

Burnley Backyard; Flexi room 12, Studio room 8

Studio 1; Womin Je Ka room 30, Radio room 4

RCLC Spaces