Terms and Conditions for Venue hire

The success of all the Richmond Community Learning Centre venues, depends on all groups using the venues ensure that all Terms and Conditions are met. Please follow the checklist provided when leaving the centre.

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Hirers should note that The Richmond Community Gardening Group (RCGG) have access to the bathroom and sink located in the Outdoor Area. These are the only facilities they are able to access and gates to the RCGG rental plot area will kept closed at all times.

Bookings (h3)

Casual bookings are considered tentative until receipt of the bookings form and a deposit of 50% has been received. The balance of payment is due 14 days prior to the date of the function

Regular bookings are considered tentative until payment for the period of hire is made.


The bond of $100 is security for any breach of the conditions of hire. The bond will be refunded within 14 days after the function has finished provided the hirer has complied with all aspects of the Terms and Conditions. Should the cost of repairing any damages exceed the bond, the hirer shall pay the additional costs. The cost of extra cleaning as a result of the booking will be deducted from the bond. Any additional cleaning costs greater than the bond, will also be paid by the hirer.


Casual bookings; 14 days’ notice is requested for any cancellation. If the cancellation has not been made in this period, the 50% deposit shall be used as the cancellation fee.

Regular bookings; 7 days’ notice is required for any cancellation. If the cancellation has not been made in this period, 2 weeks hire payment will be forfeited.


Regular and Casual Hire conditions apply.

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A regular hirer/facilitator must take out their own Public Liability Insurance Policy. A copy of this Certificate must be presented to confirm the booking.

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Casual hirer; The Centre’s Public Liability Insurance Policy covers the property itself. Any negligent behavior breaching the Terms and Conditions by the hirer negates this cover. The Centre is not responsible for any theft, loss, damage or injury suffered by the hirer, any guest of the hirer or any person coming onto the premises during the period of the hire. The hirer is welcome to take out their own insurance for their event.


The hirer must;

  1. Remain on the premises whilst visitors/patrons are in the buildings and grounds
  2. Keep the premises locked when unoccupied
  3. Be responsible for the conduct and safety of patrons/guests
  4. Maintain the premises in a clean and safe condition for the duration of the hire
  5. Leave the premises in a clean state as per the checklist provided
  6. Be responsible for pick up/return of keys
  7. Hirers are not permitted to sub-let the Centre to other groups

Food and Alcohol

The sale of Food and Alcohol is prohibited. Hirers can contact the Liquor Licensing Commission to determine whether a license is required.

Please note:

  • Your hire period starts/finishes at the time indicated on your hire form.  This period includes your set up and cleaning time
  • Hirers must be over 18 years old
  • The Centre is a smoke free environment
  • Only non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products are used at the Centre.
  • We request that you do not burn incense or candles

Checklist for all venues

(Please also use site specific instructions)

  1. Rubbish is placed in the bins and bins are left as per site instructions
  2. All recyclables placed in the yellow lidded recycling bin and bins are left as per site instructions
  3. Floors swept, mopped and/or vacuumed clean (equipment/products information can be found in site instructions)
  4. All dishes and utensils washed, dried and put away before you leave
  5. All decorations and balloons inside and outside of the Centre removed
  6. Tables, chairs and play equipment have been returned as per instructions
  7. Grounds free of all rubbish
  8. Lights, heating and cooling switched off
  9. All doors/gates are locked
  10. Key has been returned as per site instructions
  11. Report any breakages/issues to RCLC Office next business day by phone/email